Miniaturized PerkinElmer AlphaLISA® Assays Using the Echo® Liquid Handler

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Application Note C102

Labcyte Echo liquid handlers transfer compounds and reagents at nanoliter volumes without the use of tips or contact. This capability provides the precision and accuracy to miniaturize biochemical and cell-based assays for screening in 1536-well microplates. PerkinElmer AlphaLISA technology is a faster, no-wash alternative to traditional ELISA assays for biomarker and cytokine detection. With high sensitivity and low background, these assays can be readily adapted to miniaturization with the Echo liquid handler. To complement the performance of the Echo liquid handler, the BMG PHERAstar® FS plate reader provides excellent sensitivity and throughput for miniaturized, high density assays. In this application note, we use a TNF-α AlphaLISA assay to validate the performance of a miniaturized assay.