Improved Diagnostics Results and 70% Operating Cost Reduction

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High-throughput Miniaturized Quantitative PCR with the Echo® 525 Liquid Handler


The increased use of RT-qPCR (qPCR) for gene expression profiling to develop and perform prognostic assays has increased the demand for highly efficient automated assay assembly. With the Echo® 525 liquid handler, efficiency is taken well beyond what traditional liquid handlers can achieve. Using only acoustic energy, samples and reagents are transferred without contact from tips or nozzles to eliminate the risk of cross contamination or carryover.

Echo 525 Liquid Handler:

  • Reduce sample preparation costs by enabling assay miniaturization without compromising PCR accuracy and sensitivity
  • Eliminate tips and cross-contamination, carryover, or leachates
  • Simplify assay development with transfers of any volume of any liquid to any well of an assay plate
  • Utilize Dynamic Fluid Analysis™, a technology patented by Labcyte, to precisely and accurately transfer a wide range of sample and reagent types